Household decoration and maintenance

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The Disolac System uses specific technologies developed for household decoration and maintenance.

It contains a totally versatile product range to allow the application on different substrates, both indoors and outdoors, with a variety of finishes and a wide colorimetry.

Disolac is one of the most complete lines for metal protection and it also has specific products for other surfaces such as PVC, fibreglass, gel coats, plastics, wood, glass, and acrylic glass.

Its enamels and primers are the perfect solution to fight against rust and corrosion.

We provide processes that offer guarantees of more than 15 years of durability in high-corrosion environments.

A product line with total versatility in terms of both colorimetry and finishes, which will enable you to do everything from varnishing furniture to painting floors.

Painting and protection for exterior households

Corrosion protection. Solutions and products for rust protection and decoration of metal surfaces.

Paint for interior households

Our interior finishes provide the highest quality and offer maximum durability for: staircases, doors, banisters, knobs, tables, chairs, lamps, light switches, etc.

We offer a choice of different finishes: gloss, matt, and satin.

Specific processes for home maintentance

We can also offer specific processes of the highest quality, such as anti-graffiti, anti-slip, treated swimming pools, etc.

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