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Disolac launches Putty 420 designed for large surfaces

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Disolac Putty 420 is a liquid putty designed for spray gun application with a superior pot-life.

The latest addition to Disolac is the Putty 420, which offers a revolutionary solution for leveling large surfaces. This liquid putty, designed for spray gun application, promises to be a game changer in terms of efficiency and finish quality.

With innovative features, Disolac Putty 420 is formulated to have a superior pot-life, which means more time for product preparation without compromising quality. Its unique formulation allows for more even and smoother finishes, which facilitates the sanding process and saves time in the final application.

One of the most outstanding advantages of Disolac Putty 420 is its versatility. The viscosity can be adjusted according to the working conditions of temperature and equipment by dilution with its corresponding solvent.

In addition, Disolac Putty 420 offers excellent direct adhesion to epoxy primers, as well as to previously sanded iron, galvanized and aluminum surfaces. This makes it the ideal choice for a wide range of projects in the industrial sector.

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