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Longer lasting gloss with the new formula for Kronox 620 clear coat

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The Kronox 620 UHS clear coat has a new formula that provides a higher gloss that lasts over time.

The new Kronox 620 two-component clear coat formula provides improved levels of finish, giving a higher gloss that lasts longer.

This clear coat also stands out for its versatility in drying times, thanks to the hardeners in the Kronox range, making it possible to achieve an ultra-fast drying time: 10 minutes with forced drying at 50ºC.  This speed makes it a perfect clear coat for highly productive refinishing processes such as the Tempus Process.

Kronox 620 offers an extremely easy and pleasant application that adapts to all types of repairs and users, and it complies with VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) regulations.

The new Kronox 620 formula continues to offer the main property of Roberlo's Kronox clear coat range: excellent finishing quality for any jobs that require it.


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