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PRO 84X: Disolac's Liner Empowering the Industry

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Disolac presents PRO 84X, the textured polyurethane coating designed exclusively for industrial applications.

PRO 84X, the latest offering from Disolac, is a specially designed industrial coating product that aims to empower professionals in the industry. This innovative solution provides unmatched performance and delivers exceptional results.

PRO 84X meets the strict standards of the C5 Low category and holds certifications from ISO 12944, iso 6270, and iso 9227. Its advanced formulation offers superior protection against corrosion, ensuring long-lasting durability for industrial equipment. With a 50% higher resistance, PRO 84X excels in durability, providing a reliable shield against challenging mechanical and chemical conditions.

The direct-to-metal application feature of PRO 84X saves valuable time and effort. Its enhanced tixotropy enables a smooth and efficient coating process, reducing the number of coats required without compromising on quality. Professionals can experience increased efficiency in their operations.

PRO 84X offers customizable texture and color options, allowing users to achieve the desired aesthetic for their coatings. By choosing the preferred color and adjusting the spray gun, professionals can create a professional, industrial-grade finish tailored to their specific requirements.

Environmental responsibility is at the core of Disolac's focus, reflected in the low-VOC formulation of PRO 84X. With VOC levels below 2.8 USA and 420g/l EU, this coating solution promotes sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

PRO 84X is not just a standard coating product but an integral part of Disolac's innovative SMARTECH product line. SMARTECH represents efficiency, productivity, and reduced resource consumption. With PRO 84X, professionals can experience an intelligent and forward-thinking approach to industrial coatings.

To witness the outstanding results of PRO 84X, viewers are invited to watch the application video, showcasing its ease of use and remarkable performance. Discover how PRO 84X can elevate industrial coatings to new heights.

More information:https://en.roberlo.com/industry/disolac-tintometric-system/binders/pro-84x/


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