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The new Disolac solutions reduce drying time.

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ACRYL 173 and DRYER ADDITIVE improve the efficiency of the painting process.

With the aim of improving and increasing the efficiency of painting processes in the industrial sector, Disolac has designed two new fast-drying solutions.

ACRYL 173 is the new fast-drying single-component binder, with an acrylic resin base, and is especially suitable for the painting of signage and chassis of vehicle fleets. In addition, it stands out for its high level of hardness, its direct adhesion and chemical resistance. It is possible to mix the matte and the gloss finishes in order to achieve a wide variety of effects. And it is compatible with spray coating for small touch-ups.

Dryer Additive is the accelerated drying additive, designed specifically for 1K (single-component) products. With a use ratio between 2 and 4%, it is possible to reduce drying times by up to 50% without compromising on the properties of the products.

With these new additions, Disolac is able to expand the range of accelerated drying solutions, allowing for processes that are much faster and more efficient.

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