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xLAC, new color measurement tool

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We are introducing a color measuring tool for the Disolac tintometric system. We are inspired by new technologies that make our daily lives easier, and that we can use to help you in the challenge of identifying the colors around you.

Portability, immediacy, and simplicity are some of the outstanding features of the new xLAC color reader. Intuitively, and by following a few instructions, anyone can use it and get the full benefit.

This device holds a large proportion of the most important colors in industry (Crom-Industry chart, RAL, NCS, Pantone, TRUCK, etc.), in addition to numerous colors developed by our customers over recent years. All these references make up a database of more than 6000 colors, which is frequently added to (several times a year). These colors are formulated with the D-992 clear binder.

During the color selection process, the degree of similarity is offered through an easy bar based rating system.



The wide range of features mentioned above makes xLAC an ideal and very valuable tool for professionals in the industry.

This device is capable of selecting small and flat areas as well as being able to analyse up to 4 colors at the same time, this helps in the measurement of multicolor surfaces.

xLAC is presented as a digital version of traditional color charts.

It is convenient and easy to transport. Take it wherever you go, it works with a rechargeable USB battery.

It will make it easy for you to offer solutions throughout your day in spite of being away from your work terminal, thanks to its memory for more than 100 measurements and its microphone that allows you to store audio notes for each one of the colors.

xLAC is fully integrated with our own iCROM software, which it makes it even easier to use. A single step takes us from the code indexed by the xLAC to the iCROM formula.

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